We are very proud of our history and track record supporting at-risk young people in communities and have reached over 30,000 in the last 13 years.

We have a history of  interventions ranging from early intervention workshops such as substance misuse, buy process essays  Prison consequences, prison visits, Outreach engaging with young people in crime hot spots to  now working with young argumentative essay people  in an in depth way through mentoring and intervention programmes.

We have delivered “Be and prisoner for the day” in partnership with many prisons, probation and police, all over the country , Run residential’s with youth services, fishing, engaging youth in sport with the police to break down barriers, visited music studios to help young people, through other diversionary activities.


Refocus was started in 2005 after Lennox Rodgers, who had been in and out of prison for a period of 21 years and had been involved in gang culture, was asked to run some open discussions with a South East London gang. Whilst doing this Lennox realised that this was a second chance for him to be a positive role model, father and mentor to many young people and to train others to do the same . This experiences have led to some very positive outcomes for both the gang and Lennox, which became a key event that led to Lennox forming Refocus.

Since that time, we have been working with a variety of public and private sector bodies to deliver our services. We have been able to grow our team, our range of services, and ultimately the impact we have in our community.

Our services

  • Refocus is a specialist Crime Prevention and early intervention charity now based in Dartford, the service has  helped over 30,000 young people inn 13 years aged between 8 – 21 years old. 
  • Predominantly in South East of London and North and East of Kent. Its mission is to “refocus “young people who are in danger of, or have already taken, a wrong turn in their lives, helping them to tackle the root causes of their behaviour.

Programmes we deliver 

  • U CHOOZ – Early help  for low to high level violence , knife crime, gangs, bullying, anti social behaviour and crime
  • INSIDE OUT – 1-1 MENTORING as an alternative to exclusions and crime for those at risk and struggling with  negative behaviour and emotional difficulties
  • FIPP – Families in prison (supporting young people whose parents and family are in prison)
  • Family coaching and parent support
  • Consultation and training – Professionals, community, faith groups and families

For tailor made workshops and services – please contact us through the form on the website or email 

  • PSHE or assemblies – 1 – 2 hours
  • 1-1 Intense Mentoring – 6 – 12 sessions
  • Resettlement support – Up to 1 year
  • Intense Groups work  4 – 6 weeks


The service has been used in a variety of settings including schools, as part of citizenship programmes,  community centres, youth services, youth offending teams, children homes, law enforcement agencies, prisons and many other public and private social care services and organisations