Refocus is a charity that operates as a community crime prevention service in counties of Kent and the South East of London.

Our aims are to help young people turn their negative behaviour into positive behaviour through cognitive and behavioural techniques, neuro linguistics re-programming and various other approaches.

We use factual information sharing and use hard hitting and challenging approaches to tackle entrenched negative and habitual behaviour, with young people who have breached the criminal justice system.

We also use personal information sharing and case studies to show the negative impact which once ruined our lives and the lives of others around us.

Refocus is a specialist service and primarily targets those that other services struggle to get long term results with. Refocus is a link in the chain because we have a set of skills that compliment what other services do by enabling young people from hard to reach, vulnerable and disadvantaged groups to engage. This gives them a better chance to reach their full potential in whatever they choose to do. Some services have often called Refocus as a last resort to help them with specific young people, which has also included us being involved from the offset to deliver early intervention support and prevention.

As well as helping young people, Refocus is a service that recruits ex-offenders who have been there and done it and now want to put something back into the community as a restorative justice approach. Refocus mentors, coaches, counsels, rehabilitates, trains and supports ex-offenders to allow them to reach their full potential. Our training incorporates both youth work and teaching so that our workers are always engaging with young people in a professional manner.

Refocus works with young people aged 8 to 18 who have a wide range of issues impacting their lives in a negative way. Refocus also gives advice and support to professionals, adults, teachers, communities, parents and carers who want to support and change the lives of young people.

The service can be used in a variety of settings including schools, as part of citizenship programmes, in community centres, youth services, youth offending teams, children homes, law enforcement agencies, prisons and many other public and private social care services and organisations.

Our History

We are very proud of our history and track record supporting at-risk youth and communities. Refocus was started in 2005 after Lennox Rodgers, who had been in and out of prison for a period of 21 years and had been involved in gang culture, was asked to run some open discussions with a south east London gang. Whilst doing this Lennox realised that this was a second chance for him to be a positive role model, father and mentor to many young people from many different and diverse backgrounds. This experience led to some very positive outcomes for both the gang and Lennox. This was the key event that led to Lennox forming Refocus.

Since that time, we have been working with a variety of public and private sector bodies to deliver our services. We have been able to grow our team, our range of services, and ultimately the impact we have in our community.
Refocus has now developed into a reputable UK registered charity that has become a key part of the public services delivered within the South-East: London and Kent. Please refer to the “Our Services” section of this website for additional information about the work that we do and the “Our Outcomes” section for the results of our work.