Our key aims against which we measure our success are:-

  • Reduce offending behaviour
  • Break the cycle of offending
  • Increase disclosure from young people about underlying problems causing negative behaviour
  • Increase positive role models from different ethnic backgrounds and experiences
  • Increase self awareness about negative behaviour and find solutions for the future
  • Divert young people from crime by giving informative and educational workshops
  • Increase support for young people on drugs and alcohol issues
  • Increase service access for young people
  • Increase the amount of young people that choose to stop using substances
  • Enable young people to stay in school, training and employment by making informed choices
  • Reduce the proportion of 16 to 18-year-olds not in education, employment or training (NEET)

Our Results

In 2011-2012 partner services stated that out of the 1500 young people who experienced Refocus talks, mentoring and/or prison visits:-

  • 40% of these young people have rethought their actions
  • 8% move away from their old environments
  • At least 6% go back into college or school
  • 15% never go back to smoking cannabis
  • 2% stop drinking and are referred for help with anger issues
  • 10% asked for help and are referred by Refocus or partner agencies to other services addressing a wide variety of issues that may have arisen such as sexual abuse, drugs, alcohol, domestic violence, knife crime, gang crime and other family problems