Our key aims against which we measure our success are:-

  • Reduce offending behaviour by breaking cycles
  • Increase self worth value and emotional well being
  • Increase positive role models from different ethnic backgrounds and experiences
  • Increase self awareness about negative behaviour and find solutions for the future
  • Divert young people from crime by giving informative and educational workshops
  • Increase support for young people on drugs and alcohol issues
  • Enable young people to stay in school, training and employment by making informed choices
  • Reduce the proportion of 16 to 18-year-olds not in education, employment or training (NEET)

Our Results

  • In 2015-2016 partner services stated that out of the 1200 young people who experienced Refocus talks, mentoring and/or group sessions:-
  • Out of all 542 young people seen in the year through large group work , we have collated feedback from all of them and  90% say they would reconsider negative behaviour after the sessions

  •  Out of 42 young people in small groups sessions, 32 young people continued their education and manage their emotions better 
  • Out 83 young people we worked with in 1-1 mentoring sessions for the year, 70% said they now manage their emotions and problems more constructively 
  •  Out of 83 young people 75% of young people have continued to get on with their education, reduced exclusions and are staying out of trouble  
  • Out of the 83 young people 35 % of the young people never went back to smoking cannabis

After our sessions young people have reconciled relationships with parents  and choose to spend more time at home.


“Refocus helped me to see things from a different perspective”  (young person)

Refocus help young people  and make everyone feel equal.

They help them overcome his feelings and  fit in to the school community.  Refocus plays a big part in the transitions young people have made and help them to make the right choices and to make it work. (Teacher)