“The fact that the Refocus team can draw on their past experiences gives them so much credibility. When I give a lesson some say ‘that’s not right’ because I am a police officer. When Refocus says it, there is an acceptance of them and that this is the truth. I am convinced Refocus will have a lasting and positive impact on those they work with” PC Brooker”




Our key aims against which we measure our success are:-

We want to refocus the lives of young people who are in danger of, or who have already taken a wrong turn in their lives.

OUTCOMES: As a first step, we want young people to:

• Acknowledge their negative behaviours

• Explore the root causes of their problems

• Be prepared to move forward and make changes

We want young people to choose positive behaviours over negative ones and keep

away from the criminal justice system

OUTCOMES: We want young people to:

• Reduce or eliminate their involvement with negative peer groups

• Recognise and avoid negative and risky behaviours

• Choose education, training, sport and any other positive activity

• Stay out of the criminal justice system

3) AIM: We want prison leavers to break their cycle of offending

OUTCOMES: We want young offenders to:

• Break the cycle of re-offending through mentoring

• Find somewhere to live with our support

• Take up education, training or volunteering

Our Results

In December 2015 – November 2017 provided 163 young people with one to one intensive mentoring interventions, 178 young people with small group interventions and 2620 young people with early intervention and prevention workshops in North and West Kent