Refocus assesses the needs of young people and provides tailor made services best suited for these needs. These services are provided in both groups and one to one sessions.

Our experiences as individuals enable us to tackle many different issues on a wide variety of subjects in order to address negative and disruptive behaviour. We aim to break cycles of offending, reduce exclusion from education, training and employment and therefore act as innovative and unique crime prevention tool.

We offer a number of core services:-

  • We provide interventions which can vary from a 1-2 hour session up to a number of full day workshops spread out over a period of time. This could be in the form of focus days in schools delivered to groups or in the form of one on one sessions. These interventions are creative, engaging and innovative: involving young people getting in touch with their own experiences by using our own (including role play) and applying well thought out icebreakers and energisers;
  • We deliver life skill packages to PSHE groups in schools, girls projects, alternative to exclusion programmes, alternative curriculum schools and any other youth groups to equip and empower young people to cope with problems and normal daily living. This includes addressing confidence, positive attitudes, diversity, self harm, mental health, addictive behaviour, generational patterns, bullying, domestic violence and other areas;
  • We arrange prison visits for young people to show them what prison life would be like if they make the wrong choices, however we primarily reserve this experience for young people who are on their last chance;
  • We run training programmes for professionals, providing consultancy advice and information on addressing the needs of young people;
  • We provide targeted intensive programmes for young people on the verge of exclusion, with a specific remit to target young people not in education (NEET);
  • We give support and provide education to parents and carers concerned about their young people being involved in crimes, gangs and substance misuse;
  • We provide mentoring to young people struggling to manage school life for many different reasons, incorporating some teaching of functional skills. We also get alongside young people through a range of sporting activities and other hobbies / interests; and
  • We coach in training and employment – we provide a service that supports young people who want to divert from drugs, alcohol and criminal behaviour whilst they are looking for employment or training or are in training and education. This has proved to be very successful in helping young people to achieve their goals.

… In a number of environments:-

Work in schools

We work in schools on a range of programmes, primarily PHSE, and also with Pupil Referral Units; our work reinforces the work of other professionals.

Work with youth clubs / faith groups / community centres / prisons / children homes

Refocus works in these environments by engaging with young people through both group and one on one sessions.


As well as the two areas mentioned above, Refocus aims to impact the lives of those that would not normally benefit from our services and therefore we go to where ever they may be based. Our staff reach the hard to engage, disadvantaged and vulnerable young people on the streets and provides interventions and support to young people who are not integrated into youth services in schools or youth clubs or are involved in anti-social behaviour, gangs, knife crime and other risky behaviours.