One of Refocus’ key differentiators is the people who deliver our services. In addition to maintaining relevant certifications and qualifications, our team has significant personal and professional experience that they use to relate with young people in a way that drives positive outcomes.

Lennox Rodgers

Lennox Rodgers is a qualified training manager and is registered with the CIPD. He has training in youth work, mentoring, neuro linguistic re-programming, social and health and fitness. Lennox received training whilst volunteering in a substance misuse service for a year.

Lennox Rodgers has the ability to engage with any age group, his expertise and specialism focuses on motivational speaking, mentoring and coaching. He has experience of motivating and empowering people to change by challenging their behavior and attitudes.
Lennox can relate to individuals through his personal experience in a way that helps build an environment that fosters trust, disclosure and engagement.

Bali Rodgers

Bali Rodgers has worked in the substance misuse field for 20 years. She has managed women’s rehabilitation in a detoxification centre as both a counselor and facilitator, acted as a youth worker, managed a community development project with ethnic minority groups and developed a families and carer’s service.

She currently carried out all fundraising for Refocus and also is trained in life coaching and teaching.


Mark Rogers is our chair; he is CEO for a media and arts company in Kent . His skills and support enhances our marketing, technical support, youth work and grants applications.

Garnet Johnson is head of operations and has 20 years’ experience of developing, managing and delivering services for children and young people and is also a qualified youth work practitioner. He provides the strategic overview for operational delivery and has the overall understanding of performance management for Refocus.

Karen Walker is a qualified social worker, who renews our child protect policies and is available on a consultancy and supervisory basis to deal with complex needs that we deal with regularly..

Advisory Committee

Refocus has an advisory committee consisting of:-

Peter Holbrook - CEO of Social Enterprise UK; He is a member of the Government’s mutuals taskforce, employee engagement taskforce and is a board member of Big Society Trust, overseeing the delivery of Big Society Capital. Peter mentors the founder of Refocus, drawing on his extensive and successful career in the charity industry.

Andrew Croft - CEO of CAN; He has a wealth of experience in operations, sales, customer service, real estate and business development, with over 20 years’ management experience.

Ceri Griffiths - CEO of an international charity; she has substantial specialist experience in management of young people, mentoring and management of disadvantaged people.