Refocus Steering Group

Refocus steering group support the co-design of our services. Read more


Our referrals for one to one mentoring sessions come from social services, early help, parents, community groups, schools and faith groups. Read more

Updates on Bali + Lennox's Story

22 armed robberies and one decision to change. For half a lifetime, Lennox Rodgers operated in the criminal underworld in and around London and Oxford. In the searingly honest account, he gives a fascinating insider account of his experience. Read more


Working for Refocus Project Read more

Violence Intervention Programme

Using a multiagency approach including statutory services, ex - gang members and victims of knife crime to deliver “Violence Intervention Programme” (VIP) Read more

Our story

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Our partners

Refocus puts relationships at the heart of its delivery, and this begins with building strong and trusting partnerships with commissioners and collaborators. Read more


Training young people means that the outcomes they achieve will offer greater and wider benefits beyond the short term and potentially throughout their life. Read more


Volunteering with us gives you the chance to use your knowledge to meet and help others in your community, build your skills and improve your CV. Read more

Meet the team

Refocus also has a team of volunteers and sessional workers who are ex-offenders and from other difficult backgrounds who have turned their lives around Read more

Our impact

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Changing Lives

We advise, support and educate disadvantaged young people, especially those at risk of exploitation. Read more


We work on a one-to-one basis and in small groups, large group PSHE lessons/Assemblies and street-based interventions. Read more

What we do

Early intervention and prevention and tackle these issues at the root. We help those most at risk through conflict resolution and to protect those from being exploited or caught up in bullying, Knife crime, peer pressure, county lines, crime, grooming, money laundering , gangs – either as victim or perpetrator. Read more