How your giving will help

Some of the most vulnerable young people are not getting the support they need.

We recognise that poor mental health, lack of appropriate education, drug and alcohol addiction, low incomes and lack of affordable and secure housing can all contribute to a life of chaos and hardship that can be very hard to move on from.

We know that most people who come to us for support have a range of needs, not just one. We also know that, with the right support and guidance, people can be empowered to turn their lives around and move on to a successful future and independence.

We change lives and strengthen communities.

By donating you can help.

Becoming a Friend of Refocus

Our service is value for money:

For £40,000 per annum, we reach over 3,500 attendees in awareness and education interventions = £11.42 each

For £40,000 per annum, we reach 75 young people on a one-to-one basis for 8 sessions each

This comes to £533 for each young person to be kept out of prison

The price of keeping a young person in prison = £32,000

If you prefer you can print a donation form and send it back via email

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