We receive our referrals for schools, pupils referral units and community groups for the different types of sessions. We can be contacted through our email address and phone number for initial contact, or to request a session, you can complete a proforma to include all the information and type of session that is needed.

Our referrals for one to one mentoring sessions come from social services, early help, parents, community groups, schools and faith groups.

We offer placements that meet the needs of the young person on an individual basis. This can be both in terms of activities and outcome focus, but also how long each placement lasts. It is possible to change the amount of contact hours between a mentor and young person, to reflect changing circumstances or interests. We always work to meet the needs of all interested parties. We do this by talking over the reasons for the referral, asking all parties for their preferred outcome and coming to a common agreement.

What happens when a referral is received?

When we receive a referral, our coordinators will review the form and make contact with the initial referrer to discuss how we are able to support. We will then meet with the young person and look at matching them to a suitable mentor, looking at interests and potential activities for the placement. We will then introduce the young person to the mentor in advance of the placement beginning. For more information on this process, please see our referral process diagram.