Using a multiagency approach including statutory services, ex - gang members and victims of knife crime to deliver “Violence Intervention Programme” (VIP). Refocus will coordinate the delivery of the “VIP” programmes, using group work, case-studies, real life stories, role play, counselling and 1:1 mentoring sessions, to support the most vulnerable young people and their families.

With an aim to reach those aged 11 - 18 year olds most at risk.   To prevent the option of young people carrying a knife and to prevent young people carrying a knife Crime as an alternative to exclusion, offending and re-offending.

The main aim of VIP

  • To provide an early intervention and educational programme for young people between 11 and 18 years involved in low level criminal behaviour that involves knife crime.

Service Objectives are:

  • To provide an early intervention programme for young people causing concern for their use of knives.
  • To deter young people from risky knife related behaviour
  • To provide an alternative to school exclusion or police prosecution
  • To assess need and refer on to other services where appropriate
  • To provide some information and support to parents