Breaking Better

22 armed robberies and one decision to change. For half a lifetime, Lennox Rodgers operated in the criminal underworld in and around London and Oxford. In this searingly honest account, he gives a fascinating insider account of his experiences.

About Lennox

Lennox is regularly invited to comment on the issues of gang culture, knife crime, prison reform and youth rehabilitation by the LBC, BBC, ITN and Sky News. But this is the first time he’s set out the complete story of his descent into darkness, and the intervention that brought about his commitment to Breaking Better.

Stomach-churning, heart-breaking, eye-opening – Lennox leaves no stone unturned.  In riveting detail, he recounts how he was drawn into his life of crime, how he operated as a drug dealer, enforcer and armed robber, and how he survived numerous spells in prisons including Dartmoor, Strangeways, Grendon, Oxford and Lewes.  All culminating in the fateful day when, friendless, bloodied and broke, he collapsed behind an industrial bin in an alleyway off London’s Oxford Street, and saw an eerie image out of the corner of his eye.

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