Tia's Story

We wanted as a family to let you know what a fantastic job you have done with Tia. We have spoken as a family about your time together and our Daughter would like you to know that she felt comfortable chatting, you are very easy to talk to, and is happy with all your advice and help with the bullying problems. (And everything else you discussed)

As a parent, our daughters self esteem was really shaky due to being “the marked girl”.  She was constantly in trouble and under pressure to do things that she wasn't in control of.  She lacked confidence, self-control and was going on the path where we couldn't see a way out.

But with Refocus's help, her confidence is much stronger now… she has grown, and she can express her feelings/problems much better. Thank you! To be honest, I was quite nervous, you made me feel very at ease, I felt like I could chat forever with you, you have a graceful persona and your knowledge of the world is impressive, and our daughter did say, she felt a little star struck, but has total respect and admires your way, as I do to, solve serious but simple problems.

I know that if we ever need your help again (hope not) that you are there to help children grow into better adults. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your input, I never knew people like yourselves or this organisation existed, but am very glad to know you. Anytime you want a coffee…I will remember its 2 sugars.

Again thank you for your help and understanding its most appreciated.

Tia's mum.....